Escort model Cynthia in Berlin, Germany,

Cynthia, 30 years old in Berlin, Germany,

Germany-wide, Europe-wide
165 cm
Size 34
Daily as of 6:00p.m. until 4:00a.m.

If you have a liking for the special, extravagant, then you get to know Cynthia. She is of an intoxicating femininity with breathtaking measures! She embodies beauty, sensuality, zest for life and sex appeal. A self-confident intelligent Escort Lady, gentleman cared for for a true love who values a romantic ambiance just like her, is Cynthia.


Danielle needs to know about a meeting untill 8 pm the same day!

Escort-Service Prices

1 hour 250,- EUR,
2 hours 400,- EUR,
3 hours 550,- EUR,
4 hours 650,- EUR (private time),
5 hours 600,- EUR (dinner date),
Couple service with 50% additional charge,
Quite a long booking times on inquiry,
Caution Please expect EUR 20
travelling expenses within Berlin
at booking of 1 hour or 2 hours,
all escort service prices